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Smartphones’ Trend in 2016-Pixel

  • Author:Cindy
  • Source:Smartphones’ Trend
  • Release on:2016-01-11
Mobile phone manufacturers have all tried their best to improve and enhance their smart phone's camera capabilities, especially in order to meet the growing customer demand for social media using.

Now, the pixels in flagship models are between 12 million (iPhone 6s and Nexus 6P) to 23 million (Xperia Z5). In 2016, there will be a greater increase. However, the improving of pixels does not mean that the all the effect of camera will be better. Most people response that the photos are still not unsatisfactory when in dim lighting at night, although it is great when under enough sunlight environment.

To solve this problem, Google chose to use a bigger size sensor rather than higher pixel. So in 2016, the cameras on smart phone probably will have larger pixel sizes.

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