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We Offer High Output Car Charger

  • Author:Ema Cai
  • Source:Car Charger
  • Release on:2016-09-30

With the continuous development of Chinese auto market, there are more and more car accessories. More and more consumer electronics are used in the car, such as mobile phones, tablets, and digital cameras and so on. Car chargers have become essential accessories of car owners. In the car charger use process, some car owners have a common question: The car charger output cannot be greater than the maximum input of the mobile phone, is that right?


At present, car charger products of APPACS and some other brands have smart IC chip, which can automatically detect the connected device to deliver the best charging current required to access the equipment. For example, there is a car charger with MAX output 5V 2.4A, a mobile phone with MAX input 5V 1A and a tablet with MAX input 5V 2A. The car charger will deliver 5V 1A for mobile phone charging, 5V 2A for tablet charging, which makes charging more efficient and charging time is shorter. But a car charger with MAX output 5V 0.8A can only provide 5V 0.8A power for same cell phone, not only slow time, but also serious hot. Long time use will damage the cell phone battery. So choosing a high output car charger is necessary to extend the life of your love machine. Generally, the maximum input of mobile phone is 1A (part of mobile phones are 2A, like Samsung Note 4), the maximum input of tablet is 2A. The selection of multi-usb car charger can also refer to this.


APPACS is a cell phone accessories manufacturer. We offer single usb car chargers, dual usb car chargers and multi usb car chargers. If you are in need any of them, please contact us freely.