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What Can Virtual Reality Be Used for?

  • Author:Cindy
  • Release on:2016-03-27
VR means virtual reality. Although it was proposed in the early 1980s, it hasn’t been widely used in our daily devices until this year.

So what can virtual reality be used for? 

Recently, more and more new products has come to our life, like VR headsets, VR glasses and etc. Some lucky persons have already experienced this amazing technology during playing games, watching 3D movies, learning and so on. These VR devices are with virtual reality, panorama content, high dynamic range, and a considerable degree of interactivity advantages. Besides, it will inevitably bring new changes to the audience's viewing habits.

Do you believe that in the near future, people will often wear a virtual reality device and use it to chat with friends, play video games and accept the training courses?

The good news is that Appacs will begin offer virtual reality headset in the next few days.