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What Kind of Wall Charger Is A Good Quality Smart Phone Charger?

  • Author:Amy Liu
  • Release on:2016-11-17
What Kind of Wall Charger Is A Good Quality Smart Phone Charger? 

With the development of technology, smart phones are widely used in people's daily life. People all want to get a good cell phone charger, how to distinguish whether your smart phone charger is good or not? We would like to share you some advice today.

We can judge whether a mobile phone charger is good or not from three aspects: working performance, safety requirements and electromagnetic compatibility.

1. Working performance, different types of batteries have different charging requirements: charging mode, charging current, charging voltage and so on.
Charging mode: the charger is provided with a constant current mode or a constant voltage mode to charge the mobile phone.
Charging current: the maximum output current of charger is specified.
Charging voltage: standard output voltage of charger

2.Safety requirements, the circuit structure, mechanical structure and electrical performance should meet certain safety requirements. Such as output overload, short circuit, internal components failure or circuit failure and so on, will not harm the safety of people.

3.Electromagnetic compatibility, the electromagnetic will not interfere with the work of other equipment, and will not cause electromagnetic pollution to the environment.

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