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What The Output of Your Car Charger Is?

  • Author:Amy Liu
  • Release on:2016-09-23
What the output is your car charger is?

In the market, most of the car chargers are 2.1amp output, include single usb, double usb car chargers. If only charge for cell phones or other 1a devices, 2.1amp is total enough. But if you want to charge double devices (at least one is iPad or other 2a devices) at the same time by a 2 ports car chargers, then 2.1amp is much not enough! It will charge for the 2a deive very slow.
So we recommand you buy a 3.1amp car charger. With a 3.1a car charger,You will no longer worry about your iPad will charge very slowly.

Some customers asked: If I use the 3.1a car charger to charge dual 2a devices at the simultaneously, both they will be charge quickly?
Yes, if you use a 3.1a car charger to charge 2 iPad at the same time, the speed also will be rapidly. But if you want a faster charge speed, you can try our 4.2a double USB car charger. The details are as below: 

USB: double port
Output: 2.1a per USB(could full charge your both 2a devices at the same time)
Color: Colorful
Size: 6.8*3.1*3.1cm

Sure, if you like the design of our this car charger, but do not want so high current, we also could offer you that.
This car charger has four different output, and it could meet the needs of different buyers, the current as below:
In 12-24v output cars:
AP01003-a: output: 5v 4200ma
AP01003-b: output: 5v 3100ma
In 12-20v outlet cars:
AP01003-c: output: 5v 2000ma
AP01003-d: output: 5v 1000ma

Do you like our car chargers? If any interests, please send us your inquiry, we will get back to you in the first time.

APPACS is a professional China mobile phone accessories factory, our main maket: car chargers, usb wall adapters, usb cables, aux cables, type c cables, earphones, car phone holders and so on.