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Why Do Chinese People Like to Get Married in the Spring Festival

  • Author:Ema Cai
  • Source:Chinese wedding
  • Release on:2016-02-02

From ancient times, Chinese people like to do wedding during the Spring Festival that would be a feature of Chinese wedding. Do you know why Chinese people like to get married in the Spring Festival?

From the aspect of social status in ancient China, there are 4 reasons:

1. The cost of the wedding: people are used to enjoy the delicious food and good things accumulated in one year in the New Year period because of low productivity in ancient China. If people do wedding at this time, do not need to worry about there are not plenty of things that can be used in wedding.

2. The time of wedding: people are busy through the year in farming community, but only when the Chinese New Year, people have leisure time to prepare the feast and invite guests. Also, neighbors can help to plan the wedding and guest from afar have enough time to attend the wedding.

3. The opportunity of weeding: wedding at this time, there is neither the winter cold nor summer heat. Besides, it is suitable for pregnancy.

4. The wedding atmosphere: China New Year as a traditional festival of longest vacation, the festival atmosphere is the most intense. Getting married at this time, couple has enough time to get along. Also, the holiday becomes livelier.

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