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Why The Bright Black iPhone 7 Is So Popular?

  • Author:Amy Liu
  • Release on:2016-09-22
The iPhone 7 was sold out in a short time, Apple Corp may decide to ship the bright black iPhone 7 plug ahead of schedule.

Never thought, the bright black iPhone 7 is the most popular of all Apple's new products even more popular than the golden iPhone before. The source of goods issued by Apple all were booked.
According to Chinese media reports, the price of the bright black iPhone 7 has been as high as 20,000RMB. What a shocking price!

Because of the unique craft, the iPhone 7 are unprecedented sought after! Apple Corp originally planned to ship the bright black iPhone 7 until October or November, but the bright black iPhone 7 may be early shipped because of the popularity.Besides, "bright black" has become a hot word.

Why the bright black iPhone 7 is so popular?
In order to distinguish from other mobile phones, Apple uses a different anodic oxidation process. Coupled with its unique surface treatment and deep black to get the consumer's favorite. Perhaps it is the reason for the samll quantity.

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