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Why Can We Find iPhone 6s at A Very Low Price?

  • Author:Amy Liu
  • Source:APPACS
  • Release on:2016-01-16
Why can we find iPhone 6s at a very low price?

Recently, many clients said that they can buy an iPhone 6s with 200USD. It is an amazing price.
With the development of technology, a lot of high imitation products have the same appearance with the original products, and some high imitation products are sold as original products. 

There are three kinds of common situation:
1. Android phones are copied as iPhone 6s.
2. iPhone 6 is regards as iPhone 6s.
3. iPhone 6s is not the original one but renovated. 

If you want to do wholesale of original products, we suggest that you buy samples to test whether it is original product. 

Shenzhen APPACS is a professional supplier of mobile phone accessories. If you need original Samsung/ iPhone chargers or earphones, we can offer that to you. And if you want to customize the products, we can also help you.