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iPhone 7 Has A Super Waterproof Function

  • Author:Amy Liu
  • Release on:2016-09-26
For Apple fans, choose the latest product iPhone 7 is not only because of the passion for Apple, but also iPhone 7 has a good waterproof function. It is no waterproof function for the before Apple phones. So, how waterproof does the iPhone 7 is? Could the user take it when swimming? Recently, someone has tested the waterproof performance of iPhone7.

Test 1: Put iPhone7 in a 1 meter deep pool, pool containing chlorine. Get the iPhone 7 out of the pool after 30 minutes, then use a towel to wipe the phone and wait for 15 minutes.
Test found: except for the speaker sounds a bit low, the phone screen, buttons and microphone everything is functioning properly. Apple corp recommended that charge the iPhone 7 after 5 hours, use iPhone 7 still the it is totally dry.

Test 2: Photograph in the water:
Test result: Although you can not press the screen to select the focus, but most of the time the target is in the focus. You can record the clear and stable video, sometime even could record the sound in the water.

Test 3: Put iPhone7 in a 1.98 meter deep pool, in the water about 30 seconds.
Test found: The screen is intact, the button function is normal, the microphone is no problem. Although the depth of the increase, the speaker has not become even worse.

Test 4: Swimming 10 laps in the pool with iPhone 7, the phone into the water and then surfaced at a very fast pace.
Test result: the speaker has problem.

Apple explicitly said in support of the page: Apple procides 1 year of limited warranty service for mobile phones, but if the damage caused by the liquid intrusion is not guaranteed.

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